17 Pictures That Prove Dalmatians Are Perfect Weirdos

The Dalmatian is a fairly large, strong, and hardy dog, capable of covering long distances. The proportions of the body are very harmonious. The ratio of the length of the body to the height at the withers is 10: 9, the length of the skull and the length of the muzzle are 1: 1. The temperament of the Dalmatian is very balanced.

This breed of dog has one characteristic that should be defined in the breed. The nose in black-spotted dogs should always be black, in brown-spotted dogs, it should always be brown. Lips should not be saggy, full pigmentation is desirable, although partial is allowed. The jaws are strong, with a perfect scissor bite. A complete set of 42 teeth is desirable in accordance with the dental formula. Any deviation from the correct bite is considered a defect that does not allow the dog to be used inbreeding.

#1 Hip-hop-dog.

#2 I have a question.

#3 Does it suit me?

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