17 Pictures That Prove Maltese Are Perfect Weirdos

Maltese is dressed in an elegant robe of long silky wool. The coat is straight, snow-white in color, there is no undercoat. Maltese do not shed. A luxurious long raincoat of snow-white color is the main distinguishing feature of the Maltese. Such a beautiful, delicate fine wool requires daily brushing and combing so that it does not tangle and so that mats do not form in it. Regularly bathe the dog or clean its coat with dry shampoo. To prevent Maltese’s eyes from turning red, they need to be cleaned regularly. Do not forget to constantly check your pet’s ears and remove dirt and regrown hairs from them. Common conditions for this breed are skin problems, breathing problems, and eye inflammation. The too hot or humid climate is not suitable for Maltese. These dogs can be extremely picky about their food and often have stomach upsets. In order to avoid early loss of teeth, it is necessary to carefully monitor the oral hygiene of the dog.

#1 They Play With Our Children

#2 Not all like experimenting with hairstyle😎😃🤣🤣🤣🤣

#3 Investing in a sweater for your Maltese will help keep it from shivering when it’s outside.

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