18 Pictures That Prove Maltese Are Perfect Weirdos

Overall Impression: A small fluffy, playful dog with a good disposition and good intentions. The Maltese lapdogs have an elongated body, the entire length is covered with a long six to the floor, so this dog resembles a cloud or a piece of cotton wool. The head is relatively large, in length – half the height of the dog at the withers, wide. The muzzle resembles a “doll’s face”. The eyes appear large, but should not be protruding. The shape of the eyes is oval, the color of the eyes is brown. The ears are small, triangular, set high. The neck is of medium length, straight; the skin on it does not form folds. The body is elongated. The tail is set high enough, wide at the base, tapering towards the tip. The limbs are strong, muscular, the paws are round.

Maltese lapdogs are friendly, outgoing, and docile. They love affection and attention, the owner will be answered in kind.

#1 You Never Get Bored With Them.

#2 The Maltese lapdog or Maltese is a small decorative dog with long beautiful hair.

#3 Their appearance requires a lot of time and money🤷‍♂️

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