20 Interesting Facts About Seahorses

Amazing seahorses are perhaps the most unusual inhabitants of the water column. Despite the fact that from the point of view of zoology, they belong to fish, outwardly they look truly amazing, and their behavior is quite different from most other fish. Unfortunately, due to the pollution of the World Ocean, their population in many regions of our planet is gradually decreasing.

  • In China, these sea creatures are readily eaten. According to official figures, more than 20 million seahorses are caught annually by Chinese fishermen, but in reality, this number is much higher due to poaching.
  • On average, only 1 in 100 seahorses live to adulthood. The rest become prey for other fish.
  • By themselves, they move very slowly, so sometimes they cling to other fish and travel in this way. Once in a suitable place, they unhook and leave their “vehicle”.
  • Currently, 30 of the 32 species of seahorses existing on Earth are threatened with complete extinction. The pollution of the waters of the oceans causes them even more damage than poaching.
  • The offspring of seahorses is not carried by the female, but by the male. Fertilized eggs are kept in a special “pocket” on his body until small, but a quite viable fry hatch from them.
  • Immediately after birth, the fry immediately leaves the parent for good.
  • Seahorses need calm and clear water for their normal existence, so they slowly drift in the water column for most of their life. And rolling, for example, in a transported aquarium, can destroy them.
  • It is not easy to breed these amazing creatures under artificial conditions. Moving to a new place causes them severe stress, which often results in a hunger strike and subsequent death from exhaustion.
  • Small shrimps and crustaceans form the basis of the seahorse menu. Yes, all their species, without exception, are predators. Since they are very slow, they usually stay dormant until potential prey is within throw range.
  • Seahorses remain loyal to their partner forever. Having found a mate for themselves, they no longer part. In this case, the female always chooses the male and not vice versa.
  • Due to their lack of stomach, seahorses are doomed to continuously feed their entire life. Immediately after catching the prey, the useful substances contained in it are assimilated, and the waste is removed.
  • The dorsal fin of seahorses is also remarkable – it makes an average of 30 movements per second.
  • Dwarf sea horses are the slowest fish in the world. In calm water, they move at a speed of one and a half to two meters per hour.
  • These creatures are characterized by mimicry. By changing the color of their body, they pursue two goals at once – they hide from both predators and their potential prey.
  • Despite the different appearance of these creatures, seahorses, and needlefish once upon a time, millions of years ago, had a common ancestor.
  • Seahorses are unable to oppose anything to predators since they do not know how to defend themselves. All they have are thorns covering their bodies.
  • These amazing creatures are found only in warm water. In the cold, they quickly die.
  • Seahorse powders and potions have featured prominently in traditional Chinese medicine. They are believed to help strengthen masculine strength.
  • The seahorses got their name because of their visual similarity with the “horse” chess piece.
  • The body length of adult pygmy seahorses usually does not exceed 2 centimeters. Representatives of the largest species sometimes grow up to 30 centimeters.
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