7+ Pros and Cons of Owning Anatolian Shepherds

Anatolian Shepherd is Turkey’s national pride. Indeed, the breed has earned such a respectful attitude. A huge dog with a completely friendly character, but only if it is not about protecting the owner’s property and the owner himself.


Unlike Turkish breeds, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog does not differ in excessive nervousness and aggressiveness. Representatives of the species are calm and adequate.

Anatolian Shepherd is unusually strong and hardy. Thanks to its sharp mind and quick wit, this dog competently guards livestock and the property of its owners. He easily maintains discipline in the herd and always keeps his territory under control.

The Anatolian Shepherd is not a pet, but a working dog, for which the security service is not a heavy-duty, but the joy and meaning of life.

He loves the owner, is infinitely devoted to him, and at any moment to stand up for him. And under the protection of such a huge and fearless dog in any situation, you can be calm for your life.

The Anatolian Shepherd loves the children of his family, protects and takes care of them. Other people’s children are treated either neutrally, showing indifference or wary if they behave too noisy.

Leaving children alone, especially small ones, and even in the company of other people’s children with an Anatolian Shepherd, is impossible. The dog can inadvertently harm the child because of its enormous size or defend his baby if other guys offend him.

Strangers for Anatolian Shepherd are a threat, especially if they cross the borders of its territory.
If the owner wants the dog not to show aggression towards the house, he should simply introduce the people who have come to the Anatolian Shepherd. After that, offers no danger from the dog threatens.

It is important to remember that the external infantilism of the Anatolian Shepherd is a deception. It’s just that the dog is restrained and adequate, but only until that second, until it detects a threat to itself or to the owner. She gets along well with other pets.

Maintenance and care

Anatolian Shepherd was not created to be a regular pet. He will not lie for hours at the feet of the owner in complete inactivity. He is not comfortable in the room, because of the large dimensions of such a dog, even a large apartment will seem cramped.

The Anatolian Shepherd was created to serve people. This is a working breed, without physical exertion and tasks, the Anatolian Shepherd’s character can deteriorate, from boredom it can become aggressive, uncontrollable.

The Anatolian Shepherd needs a large space, fresh air, the ability to move freely.

It is not recommended to plant on a chain, since there is a possibility that the dog will become embittered, his level of unjustified aggression will increase.

City life is not for the Anatolian Shepherd. An ideal option is a country house with a large, fenced house plot. The fence should be high enough since the growth of animals of the breed can reach 1 meter at the withers.

If the dog stands on its hind legs, an ordinary fence will not present any obstacle for it.

By nature, the Anatolian Shepherd is hardy. He is able to live in the open air, carrying out guard duty day and night. But an indoor aviary with a large booth or a special house where the dog can hide from natural resources should be installed in the yard.

The Anatolian Shepherd should not constantly sit in the aviary. Active walking in 2-3 days.

To maintain the health and beautiful appearance of the Anatolian Shepherd, its owner must properly care for it. The following procedures will be required:

Brushing the coat once a week. During the molting period, combing is carried out more often, 2-3 times a week. Particular attention is paid to the periodic procedure in the spring, at which time the Anatolian Shepherd sheds very strongly.

Bathing every 3-4 months. Unscheduled bathing of the Anatolian Shepherd in case of heavy pollution. On other days, we sometimes run a damp towel over the wool, removing dust.
Clipping the claws as they grow, this procedure is rarely performed, since the Anatolian Shepherd erases them on its own.
Ear examination weekly. This requires cleaning using special products.


  • Devotion.
  • Adequacy, absence of unjustified aggression.
  • Ideal watchdog qualities.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Good health.


  • Not suitable for keeping in the house.
  • Requires constant workload and space.
  • Freedom, willfulness.
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