8+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a dog breed known for its unrivaled intelligence and friendliness. It is easy to educate, has a calm character, and will certainly become a loyal friend for all family members.

Character, abilities, skills

It is difficult to find the same calm, melancholic, and at the same time sympathetic dog. The diver, like no other, will become a faithful friend for the owner and his family. He is completely devoid of aggression, however, if necessary, he is able to stand up for loved ones. Newfoundland is from birth intelligent and patient, obedient, and deeply attached to his family. He is an excellent companion – he tolerates the pampering of young children, is patient with cats and birds, and misses the owner and fun games very much.

Newfoundland is sociable and always wants to be useful to a person. Travels easily and calmly, steadfastly overcoming any distances – a fast family and the ability to communicate with other animals. The dog is overly curious and not jealous at all – the larger the social circle, the better he feels. Do not forget that the diver is a rescuer, ready to help anyone who is in trouble, not a special team. The prog will quickly assess the situation and take action depending on its severity. He will gladly take on the role of a nanny for babies, bring slippers or fresh mail to the owner.

Newfoundland is easy to train because of his nature, ready to please his beloved master. Therefore, in bringing up excessive rudeness, use soft tactics. The dog reacts sharply to rough notes in the owner’s voice: it can get upset and refuse to execute commands.


The hosts describe the following strengths of Newfoundland:

  • kind and peaceful character;
  • get along with children;
  • loyalty to the owner and a formidable look;
  • good watchdog qualities developed intuition;
  • he rarely gives a voice, but always on business.


  • enhanced care for wool that sheds year-round;
  • large size dogs;
  • increased salivation;
  • the stubbornness of character;
  • the ability to tear wallpaper or gnaw shoes out of boredom.

Newfoundlands are popular for their kind heart, dedication, and friendliness. Choosing a diving dog as a pet, you become the owner of a strong and cheerful dog, whose company will always brighten up the gloomiest day.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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