8+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier, which attracts attention, has a shiny elongated coat, separated by an even parting in the upper part of the body and on the head, although it looks like indoor Yorkies, but belongs to a different group of dogs. The breed, which has existed for more than 2 millennia, has changed slightly, since it was bred in mountainous areas inaccessible to people, and was recognized by international organizations only in 1956.


The dog is friendly, cheerful, moderately active, intelligent. The calm nature makes this breed desirable in families with small children and the elderly. The Tibetan Terrier is loyal to the owner and protects him if he believes that he is in danger. He can cheat, pretend. But if there is a case to show his superiority, he will not miss it even from the smallest age. If the puppies bite, you need to carefully but firmly suppress it. It should not be forgotten that dogs of this breed only seem rustic. In fact, they will constantly show superiority if the owner gives up the slack at a certain moment.

Care and maintenance

In addition to caring for a luxurious coat, you need to pay attention to the nails and ears. The claws are trimmed as they grow, and the ears are cleaned. Puppies need to wipe their eyes from tears: while the coat grows, it gets into the eyes. Later, when it reaches the desired length, the tearfulness goes away. The eyes are wiped with a damp cotton pad dipped in clean water or weak tea.
Although some sources claim that open-air cages may be suitable for Tibetan Terriers, it is still better to keep them at home. They do not need a lot of space, the dog feels calm in indoor conditions. You should also take care of your teeth: brush or give special sticks.

Interesting Facts

Representatives of the Tibetan Terrier breed have many sporting successes and conquests. These dogs are powerful, active, strong, and athletic. They take an active part in various dog sports games: agility, freestyle, frisbee, etc. Tibetan dogs show excellent results. And in winter, this pet can safely ride a child on a sled. He has enough strength.

Very interesting is the fact that Tibetan Terriers practically do not shed. They have a thick, long coat, but it does not fall out. Also, wool does not have an unpleasant specific odor. All this makes the Tibetan Terrier an ideal pet for people with allergies. These animals will not cause seizures in allergy sufferers, because their hair does not fly around the house.

Attitude towards children and others

The Tibetan usually does not attack strangers, but when they meet, he behaves wary and, sensing an unkind intent, begins to make noise, tries to drive the stranger away. A playful pet grows up for a long time, remains a puppy for up to a year or longer, happily keeps the kid’s company, but is not ready to endure other people’s children.

The Tibetan Terrier gets along with the animals with which it grows up, does not make friends with other dogs and fights, tolerates pets that obey him. The shaggy doggie loves outdoor games, but with pleasure, he climbs on his owner’s knees, is delighted when he is stroked, scratched.


A cheerful and active dog does not let the owner get bored, does not show aggressiveness, with proper upbringing it becomes both a friend and a companion.

  • Good watchmen;
  • Active;
  • Calm and friendly;
  • Do not fade;
  • Calmly tolerates hygiene procedures
  • Mobile.


  • Needs thorough daily grooming
  • Jumpsuit required in rainy weather
  • Seeks to dominate
  • Gains weight quickly with improper diet
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