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Atlas Sheepdog (Aidi) – refers to guard dogs, was bred in Morocco. Initially, its tasks included the protection and protection of property. Somewhat later, she began to be involved in the protection of goats and sheep. Aidi is also known as a hound dog with excellent flair.

A benevolent look, a kind of “smile” on the face, a dexterous, strong body, lightning-fast reaction, as well as inexhaustible energy in combination with fearlessness – this is all characteristic of the Atlas Sheepdog.


Coat: thick, coarse, dense
Color: white, white with red, white with black, fawn, sandy, brindle, red, tricolor
Minimum height: 53cm
Maximum height: 63cm
Minimum weight: 25 kg
Maximum weight: 30 kg
Minimum age: 12 years
Maximum age: 16 years

History and Breed Standard

The breed arose in Morocco, or more precisely, in the Atlas Mountains, so the origin of its name becomes immediately clear. They used the dog as a watchman, designed to protect the home and property of the owners, simultaneously protecting the livestock from attacks from predators.

Quite often, this pet would be indispensable during the period of tracking the beast with further persecution. Of course, in our time, this breed is considered rare, but its admirers do not get tired of fighting for the preservation of the species, taking care of its distribution. For this reason, Aidi is a frequent participant in dog shows. The breed has passed the FCI recognition procedure.

External Signs

The dog has a strong constitution, it has excellent musculature. The growth of the pet is within 53-63 centimeters, and the weight is from 25 kilograms. The color can be very different, but white is quite common.

The head is very large. Hanging ears, large. The limbs are characterized by muscularity and strength, the paws are compressed in a ball, large. The tail is covered with hair, long, in a calm state, as a rule, drooping down.


Since most of the Aidi are a guard dog, vigilance and caution can be traced in her character, but, at the same time, her attachment to the human family is observed. I must say that this pet can also become an excellent companion for children if it is properly raised. Other character traits of the Atlas Shepherd Dog are the following: liveliness, benevolence, gentleness, obedience, independence, and independence.


Dogs of this breed are full of energy, therefore, inactivity is unacceptable for them, and, despite their dedication and obedience, they need regular exercises in which they will find a way out of their energy.

During the period of upbringing, the dog should be extremely sensitive. From an early age, it is recommended to teach her to communicate with other animals. The dog lends itself to training, but beginners may have some difficulties, so it is better to start it with dog breeders with experience.

Maintenance, Care, Health

Aidi may well live in an apartment, but only if she has an interesting occupation or work during the day. But there are also recommendations in terms of keeping it in a private house, where the territory would be fenced.

Its coat sheds once every six months; during the pet shedding period, it should be combed out as often as possible. The rest of the time, brushing the coat only once a day is fine. As for bathing, they do it only a few times a year.


Dogs by the type of their digestion are adapted to digest food of protein origin. Therefore, try to include protein foods in the diet of Aidi: meat, as well as offal. Carbohydrates should be given in moderation as they cause obesity in pets. By carbohydrates, we mean bread products, cereals, pasta. Their consumption should be reduced to a minimum. If you have cooked only porridge for a dog, then try to dilute it with fish, vegetable, or meat products.

It is better to make the diet from natural food since ready-made food (canned food, etc.) is monotonous food, to which the pet quickly gets used, refusing any other type of food. And artificial food can never satisfy the body’s needs for all nutrients.


Today, Aidis are used not only as watchmen, shepherds but also as hunting dogs. These animals very often serve in the police, they can be found in the army. Excellent instinct makes it possible to use the Atlas Sheepdog on the hunt, where it works in conjunction with a slug. Aidi takes the trail of the beast, and then catches up with the Sloughi and catches it.

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