All About Beetles: Colorado Potato Beetle (18 Pics)

The family of leaf beetles includes many insects that can harm green and cultural plantings, plants planted in a garden or in a summer cottage.

Colorado beetles deserve special attention, it is very difficult to get rid of them and even a small number of insects can cause irreparable harm to potato bushes.

Considering the photo of the Colorado potato beetle, it is difficult to imagine that such a small insect can cause so much dislike among garden owners and those who actively cultivate potatoes.

#1 Malicious pests in the process of their life bring tangible damage to industrial and dacha plantations of potatoes, eating up the leaves and flowers of the shrub.

#2 Experienced and novice gardeners know many ways to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle, but the pest continues to attack green spaces.

#3 To understand what better means to take to get rid of the potato beetle, it is recommended to carefully study its characteristics, behavior and reproduction:

The beetle and its larvae are easily recognizable by their bright color and recognizable appearance, which distinguishes the insect from other representatives of the leaf beetle family.

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