All About Insects: Mosquito (19 Pics)

There are many different living organisms in the world. The variety of animals and insects amazes everyone’s imagination. We want to tell you about such an insect as a mosquito. If you are interested, then read on.

Looking at a photograph of a mosquito, one cannot help feeling that this is the most common insect and that there is nothing interesting in it. This is a false statement. Let’s figure out what a mosquito is.

You are probably wondering what mosquitoes are. The main types are:

Anopheles mosquito.

The malaria mosquito is known to be very dangerous to humans. And all due to the fact that this type of mosquito is a carrier of the most dangerous infections.

Basically, they carry Plasmodium malaria, which causes a disease called malaria.

The worst thing is that in most cases it is difficult to distinguish an anopheles mosquito from an ordinary harmless mosquito.

If you do not want to stumble upon an anopheles mosquito and contract malaria, then you should not walk too often near water bodies, since these mosquitoes prevail there.

This is because the female mosquitoes lay their larvae in the water.

The centipede mosquito.

The main habitat of this type of mosquito is places with high humidity. Mostly near small lakes and swamps.

A feature of the centipedes is their large size. Adults can grow up to 7 cm in length. Fortunately, this type of mosquito is absolutely harmless to humans.

Centipedes feed on plant nectars. But, not all people can easily coexist with centipedes.

Exceptions are farmers and gardeners. These mosquitoes can harm your plants. The larva of the long-stemmed mosquito lives in water and feeds on underwater vegetation.

Winter mosquito.

Most likely, everyone has met such mosquitoes. In appearance, they are a kind of symbiosis of small spiders and centipedes.

Very long legs, in comparison with the body, give the winter mosquito a specific look.

Mosquitoes can be found at any time of the year, including in winter. From this, these mosquitoes got their nickname.

#1 The mosquito belongs to the arthropod insects, the Diptera family.

In size, the body of a mosquito grows from 8 to 140 mm. The color can be completely different. Gray to yellow, green to black.

#2 The abdomen of a mosquito is slightly elongated compared to other parts of the body.

The chest is quite wide considering the size of the mosquito's body.

#3 Small marigolds, which are on the legs of the mosquito, contribute to improved grip.

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