All About Birds: Pheasant (18 Pics)

The inhabitants of Ancient Greece sang the interest in this outlandish bird of the order of chickens in their myths about Jason. Currently, the pheasant bird is common in many countries of the world with an acceptable climate for breeding.

Male pheasants have variegated feathers and a long tail. Numerous photos of pheasant species in large numbers are presented for viewing on specialized sites.

High indicators of the gastronomic quality of pheasant meat contributed to the domestication of wild poultry and breeding in specialized farms.

#2 Males usually weigh up to two kilograms and have colorful plumage with a long tail of eighteen feathers.

#3 Active introduction was the reason for the widespread distribution of poultry.

Pheasants usually settle in thickets of dense bushes, on the territory of sown fields, in the tall meadow grass.

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