Breed Review: Cane Corso (17 Pics)

Cane Corso is a large breed, a descendant of the fighting dogs of Ancient Rome. For centuries, these intelligent and obedient dogs have served their masters, guarding their homes, helping on the hunt, and in the field.

#1 Cane Corso is a truly legendary breed, because they are direct descendants of Roman fighting dogs.

Belongs to the type of mastiff, and his "cousin" in relation to the Neapolitan Mastiff. Many dog breeders believe that the breed originated naturally but with the help of human intervention. We can say that people intervened in the process at a certain stage of development and directed it in the right direction. Cane Corso has changed little in 2000 years. Moreover, both externally and internally.

#2 Nobility, devotion and fearlessness are inherent in them as well as their illustrious ancestors, although in the Middle Ages the breed was mainly used not in war, but in hunting and farming.

They went with them to big game, mainly wild boar, used as a guard when they led cattle to the market, and as a watchman for their home. In other words, the medieval inhabitants of Italy used dogs that have lived in the country from time immemorial.

#3 The dogs interbred with each other, often in a free manner, but the full-fledged Cane Corso breed began to develop under serious, professional human control only in the 1970s, when the mechanization of agriculture and the reduction of farmland in Italy led to a sh

At that moment, breeders made efforts to keep the Cane Corso from disappearing completely, and they also began to maintain a uniform breed standard.

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