All About Birds: Swallow (20 Pics)

Probably everyone is familiar with the swallow bird. There is no area where this bird does not live. Unless you can find it at the North Pole.

At the moment, science knows a huge number of birds belonging to the swallow.

In this article, we will consider a detailed description of the swallow bird.

#1 Despite the large size of the family, all swallows have similar external characteristics, namely:

On the back, there are bird wings of rich color with an attractive metallic sheen.

The rib cage in swallows is wide enough.

The bill is short and very wide at the base.


Females and males are exactly the same both in size and appearance.

The plumage of the bird is dense and fits well to the body.

The bird's claws and fingers are very strong and sharp.

Both chicks and adults have the same color.

#2 Swallows cannot be classified as large birds.

The birds are of medium size and wingspan.

#3 The wings of swallows, in relation to the body, seem to be very large and long.

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