All About Border Terrier

Originally bred as a hunting dog, the Border Terrier is a fearless and hardworking workhorse. In the meantime, however, one also appreciates its other advantages.

Description: Border Terrier

He is an affectionate and good-natured dog who loves to play and is very social. He is an excellent playmate, especially for children who are big enough to treat him with respect. Although very active, he is also very fond of cuddling and enjoys hugs and pats. If he gets enough, he doesn’t mind being alone for a while either. After all, he was bred to be independent, which is why he is very independent and strong-willed.

Nevertheless, he can be raised very well and adapts very quickly to his people. However, they should take into account his enormous urge to move. As a strong dog with lots of stamina and energy, he feels extremely comfortable on long walks or as a companion on bike tours. However, he should stay on a leash, as he prefers to hunt small animals. If possible, such dogs should not be in the same household as him, unless he got to know them when they were puppies.

You should also keep an eye on your Border Terrier in the garden. He loves digging holes that can quickly reach unimaginable sizes. He is also very good as a guard dog: no noise and no movement in front of the house that he would not reliably indicate.

Appearance: Border Terrier

The Border Terrier reaches a size between 28 and 34 centimeters and a weight between 5 and 7 kilograms. He has double, short, wavy coats that come in gray, tan, or a mix.

Grooming: Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is very easy to groom as it sheds extremely little hair and is very clean. His coat should be brushed occasionally and trimmed every few months.

History: Border Terriers

The Border Terrier comes from the hilly border region between Scotland and England, where it was bred more than 100 years ago to kill small foxes and rodents.

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