Bergamasco Sheepdog Temperament

Loyal, determined, independent in nature, Bergamasco Sheepdogs can be excellent companions and watchmen. Representatives of the breed do not like it very much when they are left alone. Attaching to family members, they are ready to protect them in return for attention and love.

Dogs need exercise to maintain good health and long life. Bored in the apartment, without walking and active games, dogs can gnaw furniture, howl, and bark. They love space very much and are more suitable for living on the street than in an apartment.

Bergamasco Shepherd: Canine Aggression to Family Members

The balanced nature of the Bergamasco Shepherd Dog developed intelligence makes dogs of this breed not only excellent watchmen but also ideal companions. They form a close bond with all family members without singling out anyone. They are happy to take part in joint family events, they do not refuse active games.

Representatives of the breed are always looking for ways to please the owner, they accurately fulfill their tasks, but at the same time, they retain their rebelliousness and independence.

Bergamasco Shepherd Dogs are patient and gentle with small children, but if children offend, tease or hurt, then the representatives of the breed will not pretend to be a victim, they will make it clear with a growl and a stern look that they will not tolerate such an attitude towards themselves.

Alert and attentive dogs have good hearing, thanks to which they can follow family members even from a distance, listening to sounds and voices. It is also noteworthy that the Bergamo Shepherd Dog will observe family members, even while resting with closed eyes.

Bergamo Sheepdog & Strangers

By their nature, the Bergamo Shepherd Dogs are not aggressive, they behave quietly and calmly, but the representatives of the breed are always on the alert and can protect family members if the current situation requires it. These amazing dogs are able to control their behavior depending on the situation. Brave guard dogs will warn the owner about the approach of strangers by barking, in public places they are suspicious of people passing by, and they are quite friendly to friends or family members, they allow themselves to be stroked. However, it is possible to achieve the correct manifestation of protective qualities only by training and early socialization.

Bergamasco Shepherd & Other Animals

Well-bred Bergamo Sheepdogs get along well with other dogs and do not show prey instinct for small animals. They get along well with other people’s dogs, but sometimes they tend to show dominance, as well as aggression if other people’s dogs provoke a fight or threaten the life of family members. In general, the representatives of the breed are non-conflicting, especially if they are socialized from puppyhood.

Bergamo Sheepdog Training

Bergamasco Sheepdogs are very intelligent dogs that work hard to complete the task assigned to them but do not like to do things that are useless in their opinion. They are easy to learn provided they conduct interesting classes with rewards in the form of an affectionate word, a treat. The owner is required to properly motivate the pet, show patience and find an approach, taking into account the peculiarities of the character of the Bergamo Shepherd. The dog should be perceived as a partner, a family member, and not as a pet, obliged to obey. Should be treated with respect, without trying to force them to perform the required tasks. Representatives of the breed will not blindly follow the orders of the owner, they will complete the task only if they understand why it is required of them.

With the right approach, dogs of this breed can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks, for example, to perform guard duties, rescue work, or can be a herding dog, a therapy dog, a guide.

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