How to Choose a Bergamo Shepherd Puppy?

When deciding to purchase a Bergamo Shepherd puppy, you should carefully think about the need to own this particular breed.

After all, the Bergamo Shepherd Dog is not very suitable for keeping in an apartment, adult dogs love space, they need physical activity, in addition, appropriate care for thick wool is necessary.

However, if the decision is made final, then there will be a long search for a breeder or kennel, and before that, it will not be superfluous to visit exhibitions, look at adult dogs, study information about the breed.

Bergamasco Shepherd Breeder Behavior

It is better to buy a puppy of a Bergamo Shepherd Dog in a kennel or from a breeder with experience and a good reputation. Talking to a breeder can help you understand his attitude towards his dogs. A caring and responsible breeder, before showing the litter, will inquire about the purpose of acquiring the baby, and only then will he advise the most suitable one.

The breeder will answer all your questions, tell you about the ancestors, show the parents. Often it is possible to see a dog only in a photograph since fathers can live separately and have other owners.

Conscientious breeders will definitely give advice on choosing a Bergamo Shepherd puppy, as well as on its further care. They will not hide the conditions of detention, they will provide all the necessary documents.

Bergamo Shepherd Puppies Appearance

Up to 10 babies are born in the litter, most often 6-8, which mature slowly and are usually given to new owners at the age of 3 months. During this time, the breeder teaches the kids to the toilet, makes vaccinations, and conducts socialization.

The main thing when choosing a Bergamo Shepherd puppy is health and compliance with the characteristics of the breed. As far as compliance with the Standard is concerned, puppies are completely different from adult dogs. They have a soft wavy coat, of course, the color is already visible and you can determine whether it is standard or not.

Health is an important criterion for choosing a Bergamo Shepherd puppy. Healthy babies are friendly, lively, and curious. You do not need to choose a kid with extremes in behavior, for example, too aggressive, active or too shy, cowardly, timid. You can identify deviations in behavior by observing how babies interact with each other, how they behave while eating and playing.

When choosing a Bergamo Shepherd puppy, it will not be superfluous to take him in your arms, check his reaction to strangers, examine and assess his health. The fontanelle should not be soft. Ears should be clean, without signs of ear diseases, which include unpleasant odor, redness, peeling, dark discharge. In healthy babies, eyes are clear, with a healthy shine, without tears and purulent discharge. The gums are pink and healthy. Pale gums can signal the presence of worms or other diseases. Having felt the heart, you need to monitor the frequency of its beating, if the heart beats too often, there may be problems with its health. The puppy should breathe effortlessly. On the skin, especially in the abdomen, there should be no redness and irritation, and other signs of skin diseases. The reproductive organs must be clean. A healthy baby moves freely, without lameness, with paws tightening.

With regard to gender, the choice of a male dog or a female one depends on personal preference, as well as on the purpose of acquiring the dog.

When buying a Bergamo Shepherd puppy, the breeder must provide a registration card, veterinary passport. There is no need to neglect the conclusion of a sales contract. There must be a stamp in the ear or groin area.

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