How Much Do Border Collie Puppies Cost?

Name: Border Collie
Other names: Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog
Country of origin: Ireland, England, UK, Scotland, UK, Wales
Size Type: Medium Breed Dogs
Group: Herding dog breeds
Life span: 10 – 17 years
Temperament: Intelligent, alert, energetic, persistent, responsive
Height: Males: 48-56 cm; Females: 46-53 cm
Weight: Males: 13.6–20.4 kg; Females: 12.2–19 kg
Color: Brindle, Black, Red, Gold, Blue Merle-thrush
Price of puppies: $1,300 to $4,500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

The Border Collie is full of energy, enthusiasm, and alertness. A highly intelligent dog, its IQ is equal to the level of a 6-8-year-old child, intelligence is one of the defining characteristics. Very friendly with acquaintances, alert with strangers, loves children. An excellent shepherd dog has a desire to learn new things. Thanks to its friendship with a person, it develops its abilities. Well adapted for living outside the home, it requires a lot of walks and active activities. The Border Collie is not just a pet, it is a loyal and intelligent companion, as well as an excellent guard dog.

The height of the cable at the withers is 19 – 22 inches (48.26 – 55.88 cm), the height of the female is 18-21 inches (45.72 – 53.34 cm). The length of the body (at the distance from the end of the shoulder to the hip) is slightly greater than the height. The total combination of height, length, weight, and bone balance is more important than these parameters individually. Overweight should not be confused with muscle and bone mass.

The Border Collie is an energetic, intelligent, quick-witted, agile, and easily susceptible breed. A hardworking worker who is excellent at executing commands. He is very affectionate towards those he knows but can be noticeably reserved with strangers. When outsiders approach, the Border Collie should stay in its position. He should be alert and attentive, never showing fear, stupidity, or resentment. The manifestations of anger, nervousness, or timidity are considered serious deficiencies.

After the Border Collie puppy is separated from its mother, feeding and proper handling are very important. The first six months after an absence is the most important time in dog education. The most difficult part of raising Border Collie puppies is the first month after being absent. It is during this period that the risk of mortality and morbidity is very high, mainly due to improper diet, which in turn negatively affects the growth of the puppy and weakens resistance to disease. After leaving, the food of the Border Collie puppy should be rich in protein, but the puppy should not be overfed when he is 2-3 months old, it is best to feed the dog 4-5 times a day.

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