Breed Review: Bambino (16 Pics)

Bambino is a designer hybrid of the Canadian Sphynx and Munchkin, presented to the world in 2005. Identifying features of the breed are short legs, smooth, almost hairless body, huge ears.

#1 Bambino is a cat-friend and an inquisitive explorer with the amusing grace of a dachshund.

It is ridiculously easy to get along with this good-natured, sociable "midget", and not only for a person but also for almost any representative of the fauna. The only thing that bambinos are demanding is comfort and careful care, so get ready to serve a little eared fussy. However, bambinos usually do not remain in debt for satisfying their basic needs, paying generously to the owner with affection, funny games, and close emotional interaction.

#2 Bambino is considered to be a young breed whose phenotype is still in the making.

It is believed that the first designer cats were bred by the Osborne spouses from the USA, who at that time were already the owners of the promoted HolyMoly Cattery. At the beginning of the two thousandths, the couple acquired a short-legged kitten with a congenital genetic mutation, which looked so cute and unusual that the Osborns decided to increase the number of such animals by interbreeding hybridization.

#3 The parents of the first bambinos were the hairless Canadian Sphynx and the Munchkin, who gave the offspring elongated naked bodies and an extremely low stance.

Already in 2005, hybrid cats were presented to the public, arousing the keen interest of other breeders of experimental purrs. Around the same time, interbreeding of "Canadians" with Munchkins was started in Russia - most of the domestic sphinxes-short-caps came from the Baby Moon Cattery, owned by Elena and Maria Chernov. Moreover, domestic bambinos were not related to the Osborn cats and were an independent breed line with a unique set of genes.

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