The 17 Cutest Doberman Pinschers Currently Online

Doberman dogs never ran around a flock of sheep, did not get shot ducks out of the swamps, did not roll on sofas, decorating the interior. For their entire short century (the breed is very young), Dobermans were an ideal police dog. German breeding has created a strong, courageous, reckless, and at the same time balanced and controlled service breed, capable of searching, pursuing, and actively detaining an intruder.

#1 Friendliness and peacefulness are the most striking character traits of this breed.

#2 Doberman and kids are a great combination. Dogs genuinely love to play with babies and show great affection for them.

#3 At first glance, it seems that Dobermans are unbalanced and angry dogs. However, they are not prone to unreasonable aggression and do not attack people or animals out of the blue.

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