Breed Review: Belgian Laekenois Shepherd Dog (16 Pics)

In the modern world, Belgian Shepherds are divided into four breeds – Malinois, Tervuren, Groenendael, and, of course, Laekenois. However, such a division appeared only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is due, firstly, to the work of Professor A. Ruehl from the Kuregem Veterinary Medical School and a group of dog breeders to search for herding dogs in various regions of Belgium, and secondly, to the holding of the first dog shows.

#1 Lakenoy comes from the district of the same name, where the castle of Lakenoy is also located.

Now it is difficult to say whether the castle got its name from the name of the district, or vice versa, but it is the Laquenois breed that is considered the oldest of the Belgian shepherds. Moreover, there is an opinion that these pets were bred in the castle itself and their history is inextricably linked with it, although, on the other hand, many believe that the dogs already lived in this area together with local residents, and grazed cattle even before the castle was generally built.

#2 Despite the fact that Laekenois have a coarse coat, sometimes smooth-haired puppies are born in the litter of purebred dogs of this breed.

This is because, until the 20th century, all four breeds were mixed with each other. Many clubs and organizations register such puppies as purebred Laekenois, in case it is possible to trace the pedigree in detail.

#3 They are large dogs with an athletic build and erect triangular ears.

There is a small mustache on the face, the chest is pronounced, the limbs are medium, the tail is medium, the coat is hard, of medium length, the coverage over the body is uneven.

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