Breed Review: Belgian Tervuren (16 Pics)

In fact, dogs like the Belgian Shepherd have long been growing and developing in this area, however, at a certain point, dog breeders decided to conduct a study and identify the main types of dogs. However, it was the breeders who subsequently divided the Belgian Shepherd into four main types. In particular, the Tervuren breed has its own history.

#1 The name of the breed, known in the homeland as Chien de Berger Belge

comes from the village of Tervuren, where a breeder named M.F.Korbil lived. At the beginning of the 20th century, he thought that black and fawn dogs could be crossed in order to standardize the modern Tervuren.

#2 Tervuren is a truly versatile dog

Before the industrial era took over Belgium in earnest, people really needed these pets, and first of all, farmers. Simply because there were still quite a few farms, and they needed both a reliable guard of the territories and a dog that could help in grazing cattle on pastures.

#3 When, after all, due to the development of industry, the number of farms decreased

Tervuren remained a watchdog and companion for ordinary residents who do not carry out farming activities, in addition, he was always in demand in barnyards.

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