Breed Review: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (17 Pics)

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog, also called the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Czech wolfdog, or wolfhound is an amazing breed obtained by crossing a dog and a wolf. Although all dogs are descended from wolves, what is fraught with such a close relationship?

#1 This difficult selection work was carried out by the dog handler Karel Hartl on the territory of the kennel for dogs intended for border and military service.

Initially, the experiment was unsuccessful, and the she-wolf did not succeed in giving good offspring. After that, replacing the dog, the scientists still managed to achieve an excellent result. The first dogs obtained in this way were trained and used to patrol the border.

#2 The whole world learned about this hybrid breed only after almost 20 years.

In the 70s of the 20th century, several individuals of wolfs were imported into Great Britain, they were prepared for guard duty at factories and enterprises. This was possible thanks to the engineer Hartl, who was busy getting these dogs allowed to be exported. If this had not happened, the development and growth of the popularity of the breed would have been impossible.

#3 If the first two offspring showed good performance, then the third showed an external similarity between wolves and wolves.

But still, they were different from those and others. The breed standard, which is still preserved, was bred back in the 70-80s.

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