Breed Review: Black Russian Terrier (17 Pics)

Black Russian Terrier – the legend and pride of the Soviet cynology; a serious intellectual with a developed protective and protective instinct and a self-possessed character, always striving to please his own owner. In the philistine environment, the Black Russian Terrier is often labeled as ferocious and uncontrollable bodyguards, ready to tear to shreds anyone who looks askance at the owner. In fact, the aggressive image once entrenched for the breed is greatly exaggerated. Having completed a training course and properly socialized blackies are prudent, understanding, and extremely adequate pets who will never allow themselves to go into a rage just like that.

#1 The Black Russian Terrier is one of the few domestic breeds, the breeding of which did not take place spontaneously, but by order of the government.

In the mid-40s, the Soviet kennel "Krasnaya Zvezda" was commissioned to breed a service dog that could work productively in extreme weather conditions. The initiator of the experiment was the "father of nations" himself, hence the alternative name - "Stalin's dog".

#2 It took not so long to create the ideal four-legged guard, which cannot be said about the number of animals that took part in the crossing.

According to some reports, about 17 breeds donated their genes to Russian black terriers, including the Airedale, Newfoundland, East European Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, and Rottweiler.

#3 Black Russian Terrier is a charismatic mustachioed athlete, dressed in a glossy black two-layer “fur coat”.

The growth of this brutal ranges from 72-76 cm (for males) and the weight can reach 60 kg. Bitches are more graceful than "boys", but also far from babies. The average "girl" Russian Black Terrier weighs from 42 to 50 kg and this is with a height of 68-72 cm. The breed's signature features are a long mustache made of toilet wool and shaggy bangs that fall over the eyes, which make the dog look very impressive, if not to say threateningly.

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