Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

Karelian Bear Dog – clamorous-haired beauty with the right task able to fill up your own master hunting trophies. Possessing a mass of indisputable advantages, including such important qualities for a commercial breed as resourcefulness, courage, intuitive flair, these energetic hunters are the standard of self-sufficiency. That is why the possession of a Karelian imposes a number of obligations on its owner: this is not the dog that will love you in spite of everything, its respect and gratitude will have to be literally earned.

#1 The Karelian Bear Dog is a fun, positive creation, but at the same time with a great sense of dignity, which should not even be touched by a beloved and adored owner

In general, "Karelian Bear" are self-sufficient pets, responding with an even, benevolent attitude to good treatment and distrust and nervousness to a rude, authoritarian style of leadership. By the way, it is easiest to understand that a four-footed friend is offended by the tail, which straightens out in irritated animals.

#2 In childhood and adolescence, the Karelian Bear Dog gives the impression of being extremely dependent on the owner of the creature

She is an obedient, executive, catches every glance of her mentor. But the older the dog gets, the faster its sense of self-worth grows. So stubbornness and independence are traits that you will almost certainly find in a four-year-old Karelian and almost never in puppies. However, if it seemed to you that the Karelian Bear Dog is fixated only on themselves, then it really seemed to you. The Karelian Bear Dog of the Karelian spill is a good telepath and perfectly feels the mood of its owner. He is far from being slow-witted, so he quickly understands what actions are expected of him, and in accordance with this, he builds his own line of behavior.

#3 Karelian Bear Dog frankly dislike strangers who suddenly invade private territory, so raising a domestic watchman from a representative of this breed is as easy as shelling pears.

As for the kids, the dogs have friendly relations with her, although not always ideal. That is, the Karelian is certainly not averse to playing catch-up with the kids, but in response to violence or outright infringement of his own rights, he can make a warning "Woof!" In general, Karelian Bear Dog is a very convenient companion not only for professional hunters but also for adherents of an active lifestyle. They will never refuse to run with their owner in city parks and will happily go to any picnic, one has only to whistle.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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