Breed Review: Bombay Cat (17 Pics)

The Bombay cat is a graceful and extremely affectionate pet with a spectacular appearance. She is able to become a real decoration of the house.

#1 The Bombay cat is unusual in that it looks like a wild black panther, only several times smaller in size.

And an even greater resemblance to this dangerous predator gives the cat its copper-colored eyes (or, as they say in the homeland of the black Indian leopard, penny-colored) and a graceful gait. True, the word "Bombay" in the name of the breed indicates only that it is similar to an Indian predator since this breed is in no way connected with India. Despite the appearance of a predator, the character of the cat is not at all wild. Bombay's favorite pastime is to purr while lying on the owner's lap.

#2 A large number of dates and facts cannot be found in the personal annals of Bombay cats.

The main paradox, perhaps, is that they have nothing to do with either the densely populated Mumbai or the island in the Indian Ocean. The first representatives of the breed were born on the border of the American states of Kentucky and Indiana. Louisville-based enthusiast Nikki Horner has set herself the ambitious goal of creating an indoor replica of the now endangered feline, the Indian leopard. Yes, yes, the teacher Mowgli, familiar to us from The Jungle Book, is actually a leopard, whose coat has a black tint due to a genetic mutation.

#3 However, the breeder was only interested in visual similarity, and not in the habits of a large predator, therefore, among the ancestors of the Bombayans, unlike the savannahs, canaans, safaris, Chausi and Bengals, there are no servals, swamp lynxes, forest cats a

To create an unusual appearance, Ms. Horner decided to use a black American Shorthair cat with golden eyes and a Burmese champion cat sable color. Work on the hybrid began in 1953, and over the next few years, the "mother" of the Bombay cats put a lot of effort into the process of selective selection and further crossbreeding.

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