Breed Review: Cairn Terrier (18 Pics)

The Cairn Terrier is a professional hunter in the past, but in the present, he is a compact, shaggy, merry fellow and a tireless athlete who loves outdoor games. Like all representatives of the terrier group, the kern is overly curious and fantastically passionate when it comes to looking for anything, but at the same time, he is incredibly friendly and sociable. If you want to really make friends with the breed, make it your regular companion. It is difficult to find a happier and more contented creature than the Cairn Terrier, who accompanies the owner on a bike ride, on a mushroom hike, or during a leisurely promenade through the city streets on an equal footing.

#1 Kerns are often called the great-grandfathers of all Scottish terriers, since mentions of hunting foxes and badgers with these clockwork cosmatics have been found since the 16th century.

At first, all representatives of the breed were called sharp-eared sky terriers - after the name of the Isle of Skye, whose inhabitants preferred small dogs that skillfully caught rodents and small animals. It was decided to replace the root "sky" with "kern" only at the beginning of the 20th century when the question arose about the standardization of animals - the name "Cairn Terrier" indicated that the breed copes well with capturing predators in mountainous and rocky areas.

#2 Despite the fact that the first professional breeder of cores is considered the Scotsman Captain McLeod, who presented the most viable and working line of the breed, dog breeding continued spontaneously for a long time.

In particular, every British farmer considered it his duty to carry out a series of breeding experiments, which, in his opinion, could make Skyterriers more grasping and prey helpers.

Official recognition for the breed, like the new name, came in 1910 after the English Kennel Club registered individuals belonging to the breeder Alistair Campbell. Since then, Cairn Terriers have become full-fledged participants in dog shows, although until 1923 they were still crossed with West Highland White Terriers to obtain animals with a glamorous snow-white color.

#3 Cairn Terrier is a combination of amusing appearance and lively temperament.

Playful, mustache dressed in shaggy "fur coats" look as if they just jumped off the shelf of a toy store. Add to this a modest weight (only 6-9 kg), a typical low stance for terriers, and an overall compact build - and you have an exemplary representative of the breed, assertive, restless, and terribly curious.

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