15 Amazing Facts About Cavalier King Charles Spaniels You Might Not Know

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed, with such a long and catchy name, is just a small decorative spaniel. He is not very tall, not taller than an average cat – the most appropriate size for a funny indoor dog. Cheerful, affectionate, and completely non-aggressive, he can be a great companion for a lonely owner and a friend for the whole family.

#1 Dogs – crumbs that can be carried on hands, have been appreciated by noble ladies since the Middle Ages.

#2 The ladies suffered from fleas without reliable insecticides. Fur trinkets, dogs and other fluffy animals with an obedient character served to attract insects.

#3 The Blenheim color is named so because the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, kept spaniels of this color on his Blenheim estate in the 18th century.

He went hunting with them to the park and appreciated them for keeping up with the horse. It is not known what their hunting successes were, modern cavaliers are not very good as a hunter's assistant.

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