Breed Review: German Rex (16 Pics)

The German Rex is a breed of domestic cats with soft curly hair and excellent character.

#1 The German Rex is a breed of cats, the main feature of which is a slightly curly coat.

They are active, loyal friends, have high intelligence. Although the name of the breed sounds rather menacing, in reality, German Rexes have not only an attractive appearance but also a wonderful character. Recommended for people who are allergic to cat hair (but not to cat protein).

#2 The German Rex breed appeared by chance in the 1930s: in a Prussian village, a Russian blue male was courting an Angora cat – as it turned out, very successfully.

As a result, unusually attractive kittens with curly hair were born. But the owners of the cats did not notice anything special in them. Fortunately, they caught the eye of one breeder, who immediately realized that the kittens are unique. He took two and thus laid the foundation for the birth of a new breed.

#3 At first, only one Königsberg nursery was engaged in breeding German Rex, but later several breeders joined this business. And the breed developed successfully.

After the surrender and occupation of Germany, the soldiers of the allied troops, returning home, brought cats of this breed as a trophy. So it spread throughout Europe and every day it became more and more famous, attracting the interest of not only ordinary people but also teleological organizations.

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