Breed Review: Greyhound (19 Pics)

#7 Greyhounds are not annoyed by children, but judging dogs as great nannies is still too much

The Grays were never bred in order to "graze" babies, however, and they were not taught to hunt presumptuous undergrowths either. In general, animals are patient with children's leprosy, but in delicate situations, they often prefer to retire than to fight back. But Greyhounds adore their owners to the point of unconsciousness. Attachment in puppies is especially vivid: branded jumps and attempts to lick the “leader” face are an obligatory fad in the relationship between a young gray and a man.

#8 Greyhounds coexist peacefully with other pets, but do not like generalizations.

So, for example, a dog may seem completely indifferent to a cat living in your apartment, but he will deal with a stray purr in no time. The same fate will befall decorative puppies like lapdogs and toy terriers, which English greyhounds identify with small game, so you need an eye and an eye to follow your pet. Small in-house showdowns are common for Greyhounds. Light biting of congeners on the sides often takes place during hunting or dog races, therefore, in the latter case, the participants in the competition perform in muzzles.

#9 Greyhounds are not listed as watchmen

Nevertheless, to put the insolent stranger in his place, having barked at him well, the dog is able to. At the same time, English greyhounds will not be against your guests. More precisely, the dogs are not particularly happy with them, but for the sake of the owner's pleasure, they are ready to endure and even make a feigned indifferent face at the sight of the company that appears on the doorstep.

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