Breed Review: Greyhound (19 Pics)

#13 There are some difficulties in mastering the basic set of commands.

For example, Greyhounds find it difficult to meet any requirements associated with waiting, since, due to the peculiarities of the anatomy, it is unpleasant for them to sit for a long time, leaning on their hind legs. However, no matter how sorry the pet is, it will be necessary to start training with the commands "Wait!" and "Sit!" The only thing is to be a little condescending to the physical capabilities of the dog. Greyhound did not take the expected waiting position, but just sat down? Already good. Compliment the workaholic - he deserves it.

#14 No matter what they say about the inattention and laziness of the breed, English greyhounds are capable of such disciplines as agility, OKD and even search work.

True, not all owners are ready to send their pets to any course, motivating their decision by the fact that professional training will "muffle" the working qualities of the dog. This cliché is quite common among dog lovers but has no real basis. Do not hesitate, the greyhound, who has grasped the subtleties of OKD, chases a mechanical hare with the same passion as an untrained animal.

#15 The optimal age for training puppies of sports lines is 2-3 months.

Such babies are not taken to treadmills, but at home, they are forced to show interest and chase after a hare skin tied to a string. You should start running after a mechanical bait from short distances (up to 100 m), gradually increasing the distance. Dogs are good at hone speed and jogging technique on a leash behind a bike.

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