Breed Review: Kangal Shepherd Dog (15 Pics)

In modern times, it is very easy to choose a dog of the required breed according to its basic qualities. For example, wanting to have a large hardy guard or shepherd for any herd, people choose different shepherd dogs.

#1 One of the largest, strongest and most loyal breeds is the Kangal Shepherd Dog

Also, a dog of this breed is often called Karabash, and in Turkey, it was named Kangal.

#2 In the photo of the kangal dog, you can see that the shepherd is very similar to other large breeds, such as the Caucasian Shepherd

The Kangal breed appeared at the time of great Babylon on the territory of the Anatolian plateau. At present, the western part of Turkey is located on this site. Hence the main name of the breed - Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

#3 But in Turkey it is believed that such a name is not correct, since there are many breeds of dogs in this area.

For this reason, in Turkey, the breed was named Kangal in part of the modern center of the Anatolian plateau.

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