Breed Review: Korat (15 Pics)

#13 Active, but not very mobile.

Contact, love society, funny, most of all they need the attention of their beloved owners, they love to climb on their knees and enjoy caresses.

#14 They are talkative, and they know how to choose the right intonation and convey the meaning to the listener.

Those who had the good fortune to keep the Korat at home say that speech is not always important - everything is written on the Korat's face, you can always guess what the cat wants to tell you.

#15 Sociable Korats can hardly stand loneliness, so extremely busy people should not have cats of this breed.

The coat of the Korat does not need careful maintenance - it is short, has no undercoat, does not get tangled, so one combing per week is enough for the excellent condition of the coat.

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