Breed Review: Korat (15 Pics)

Korat is a Thai domestic cat breed that is surrounded by many traditions. They have beautiful blue coats and olive-colored eyes.

#1 Korat is a small breed of domestic cats with gray-blue fur, playful and attached to people.

Are very jealous; great parents; one of the few pure breeds, that is, not artificially bred by humans.

#2 The size and color are similar to the Russian blue cat, but the fur of the cats is rather single than double, and the color of the eyes is olive green.

This breed is characterized by a demanding and persistent character and large expressive eyes, which give the muzzle an innocent expression. Korat cats are considered a symbol of good luck and symbolize wealth.

#3 Korat is a very ancient breed from Thailand, named after one of the provinces of this country

Thais consider Korata sacred, do not sell or buy it, but only give it.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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