Breed Review: Labradoodle (18 Pics)

#4 Yes, from every angle the Labradoodle is a near-perfect dog, but many of the dogs in this hybrid breed do not match the originally bred guide dog.

The main problem of the breed remains the instability of the offspring, even if two purebred Labradoodles are bred.

#5 The peculiarity of the Labradoodle is the lack of stable and consistent breeding results in order for the dogs to obtain certain fixed characteristics.

The fact is that even after several generations, the Labradoodle for the most part does not have certain fixed characteristics. And the popularity of the hybrid seems to have exacerbated this problem as many breeders emerged who were not familiar with breeding practices. As a result, some Labradoodles are more like regular poodles, they are smart, loyal, quiet enough, and do not shed. Others, on the contrary, are more like Labradors: they are noisy and shed very much.

#6 The Labradoodle must be a hypoallergenic or non-shedding breed like the Poodle, so coat is often a major consideration when choosing a puppy.

However, apart from the coat, the size of the puppies also remains unstable, even within the same litter. Some dog allergic owners have to give up their Labradoodles due to shedding.

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