Breed Review: Labradoodle (18 Pics)

#13 Labradoodles successfully adapt to any environment, but they are not recommended to be kept in small apartments.

They need 60 minutes of walking and exercise every day, including vigorous untethered activities, so that they can burn off their irrepressible energy.

#14 Labradoodle will be a great partner for running and cycling

In addition, he also needs a field for intellectual activity, otherwise, if he gets bored, he can become a machine for destruction.

The breed also performed well as the first dog for inexperienced owners. She is smart, loyal, and can handle even difficult types of training well when applied consistently and positively.

#15 The Labradoodle, like most other breeds, crate training will be invaluable, will ensure the safety of property, and, of course, protect it from possible accidents at home.

The cage can also be a great place to sleep. Crate or paddock training at an early age will help your pet calm down if it needs immobilization or hospitalization. However, you should not leave your Labradoodle in a cage all day. This is not a place of detention, and he should not spend more than a few hours a day there.

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