Breed Review: Whippet (19 Pics)

Whippet is an athlete, a skilled hunter, a sophisticated intellectual, capable of decorating with his own presence not only an apartment but also the life of the owner. Despite the rather lively temperament and love for active entertainment, the small English greyhound is not the kind of dog that will cause problems. And all because these graceful clever girls intuitively understand when to turn on the turbo mode, and when it is better to merge with the interior in order to give the owner a little respite. At the same time, the breed is categorically not determined to restrain its own feelings, so, bringing a tiny whippet into the house, get ready to drown in tenderness and affectionate harassment – the level of emotionality in small English greyhounds is without exaggeration going through the roof.

#1 The official homeland of the Whippets is considered to be Great Britain, although there is a lot of evidence that their ancestors were never an aboriginal breed of Foggy Albion.

For example, during excavations in the territories of the Roman Empire, archaeologists have repeatedly found figurines of small graceful greyhounds. This gave researchers the opportunity to assume that animals came to England with the conquerors even before the beginning of our era.

#2 The first breed that the British got from the Roman greyhounds was the Greyhound.

The maintenance of such a dog cost a pretty penny since for a full-fledged hunt, the animal needed to be fed nourishingly and preferably with meat. As a result, the British nobility, who had no financial problems, preferred to breed Greyhounds.

#3 By the 19th century, when hunting and dog racing were no longer the privilege of the beau monde, the working class also began to show interest in greyhounds.

And since this social stratum did not like to spend money on pets, its representatives preferred to breed a new unpretentious breed, with a moderate appetite. This is how the whippets, or "poor greyhounds," as the local breeders preferred to call them, were born.

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