Breed Review: Leonberger (16 Pics)

#4 Unfortunately, after his death in 1889, Heinrich Essig left neither a clear description of the Leonberger’s appearance, nor herd books, which gave impetus to the emergence of other interesting versions of the origin of animals.

In particular, some experts argued that the Leonberger is not an independent breed, but simply a more pumped-up version of the ancient German Hovawarts, who were on the verge of extinction in the 19th century. As evidence, the supporters of the theory even cited the names of several breeders of that time who were engaged in restoring the gene pool of endangered animals, which, as it turned out later, included the Mayor of Leonberg.

#5 It is difficult to find a more livable and reasonable creature than Leonberger.

This shaggy good-natured person is perfectly aware of his own physical capabilities, but he does not even think of testing them on the owner or his family members. At the same time, he is not cowardly and, if necessary, knows how to "bark" so that the desire to test the patience of the animal disappears completely. Despite the tacitly assigned watchdog qualification, the Leonberger lacks such qualities as excessive suspicion, malice, and a desire to lead over everything that comes into view. To compete with the owner because of the status of an alpha male, as well as to see a personal enemy in every two-legged creature, is not in the nature of Leonberger. Moreover, if a dog detects aggression and distrust atypical for the breed, this signals its mental illness. And the mentally unstable Leonberger is already nonsense.

#6 In general, representatives of this breed are a little phlegmatic.

Sometimes it seems that the patience of an animal is limitless, especially when you observe with what heroism it withstands annoying childish molestation and leprosy. Your heirs can turn the house upside down and arrange protracted concerts, from which eardrums burst - all this chaos will not cause the dog the slightest discomfort. However, such universal calm is demonstrated only in a narrow family circle. Although Leonberger does not feel hostility towards strangers, he is unlikely to climb into friendship with them.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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