Breed Review: Munchkin Cat (15 Pics)

Munchkin belongs to young breeds of short-legged cats. They are playful, affectionate, and friendly creatures.

#1 Munchkin is a breed of cats that is distinguished by shortened paws while maintaining the proportions of the body and appearance of ordinary members of the family.

The feature has developed as a result of natural mutation, so the vast majority of animals have good health. Munchkins are mobile, get along well with other pets, and are kind to children. Conventionally, the breed is divided into semi-long-haired and short-haired lines.

#2 In the 30s of the twentieth century in Europe, mentions of unusual short-legged cats periodically appeared.

The Second World War, which flared up soon, almost completely erased this genetic line. In 1944 one of the British veterinarians reported observations of several generations of cats, which were similar to ordinary domestic cats, except for the parameters of the limbs. After the war, such animals were seen in the USA and the USSR. In 1953, Soviet sources dubbed them "Stalingrad Kangaroos", suggesting that the mutation was due to their existence in harsh conditions.

#3 The modern round of development of the Munchkin breed took place in 1983, when teacher Sandra Hochenedel from Louisiana, returning home, noticed an unusual pregnant cat.

The woman took pity on her and sheltered her, giving her the nickname Blackberry. Half of the kittens born also had short legs, which surprised Sandra a lot. She decided to give an unusual pet to her friend Kay LaFrance. So Blackbarry and Toulouse cats became the ancestors of the modern breed.

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