Choosing The Perfect Food For Your Dog

When it comes to choosing the right food for your dog, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Food is one way to get your furry friend all the nutrients it needs to be healthy. However, there are a few food options from dry food to semi-moist and even raw food. 

All these food forms vary in quality and content. This makes it difficult to decide which food to choose for your dog so it is nutritionally balanced and acceptable to your dog. 

Below are some tips to help you find the right food for your dog:

1. Keep up with canine nutritional requirements

The best way to be able to choose the perfect food for your dog is to know what nutrients dogs need for their growth and development. A lot of sources for this information abound online however, you must read them with caution. While there are a lot of opinions and facts to be accessed online, many of them are not expert opinions.

Sieve through what you read and always consult with your veterinary doctor to determine the food that will work well for your dog, especially if they are commercially bought. You may have to choose between dry food options like bully sticks or wet food variants.

With dry food, you have to be careful about the products you get for your dog. Beyond asking, what is a bully stick, also ask about the right size to get for your dog to prevent choking, and check to see that they are not moldy. With wet food, refrigerate them to avoid spoilage.

2. Ask for recommendations

Your online research is important on the journey to find the perfect food for your dog. But you should equally ask other people for their recommendations. 

They may not be certified to dole out recommendations but their experience would have guided them to know what brands are good for dogs or how to vary recipes for dog food.

The group of people you can ask for recommendations beyond your veterinarian are dog breeders, pet owners, and dog trainers. Pet shops around you could also be helpful with their recommendations.


3. Read dog food labels

This is especially important if your dog has any health problems or food allergies as you will want to know what the dog food is made of. It is best to stick to food approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as they have strict regulations for pet food. 

4. Match your dog’s taste

Now, you may have hunted down the best recipes and nutritionally-balanced dog food for your dog. But your dog may not want any of these meals. 

They may react to some of the ingredients or they simply do not find the new diet palatable. You should readjust this food type and/or a combination until you find something your dog loves.


Final words

It is recommended that you watch your dog closely whenever you change its die. Any signs of illness should be reported to the veterinary doctor. Additionally, patience will go a long way when observing for changes in the appearance and well-being of your dog after a change in diet. 

Also, when relying on only commercial food sources, try to change brands every 3-6 months so your dog does not suffer any nutrient deficiency that a particular brand may not be including.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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