Doberman Pinscher: Puppy & Adult Dog Care

The Doberman, like any large-sized dog, will live comfortably in a spacious private house. But this does not mean at all that people living in city apartments will have to give up the idea of having a pet. The main thing is to create suitable conditions for the Doberman, and then the dog will be happy no matter how many square meters it surrounds.

Doberman Pinscher in the Apartment

City dwellers who dream of a Doberman must, first of all, understand whether the dog will have its place. Dobermans need space and privacy. If it cannot be created in the place of residence, frequent and long walks in the fresh air should compensate for the lack of extra meters.

Advice! In winter, a smooth-haired Doberman, who has absolutely no undercoat, will have to be dressed in a special insulated overall before a walk. After the street, the dog needs to thoroughly wash its paws, examine the body for ticks (in summer and spring).

In his free time from walking and sleeping, the dog should be busy with something. Due to the fact that Dobermans do not belong to the category of lazy people, they are unlikely to spend their days on the couch near the owner’s feet. You can entertain and keep your pet busy with various toys that can be purchased at the pet store. Without toys, the dog can get bored and in the moments when the owner is not at home, he will begin to spoil the furniture and his personal belongings.

Important! For a Doberman living in an apartment, a place should be allocated for eating and resting. The bedding should be placed in a warm and comfortable place that is free from drafts. There is no place for dogs in the hallway near the door.

Doberman Pinscher in a Private House

Those who own private houses and want to have a Doberman can make their dreams come true without any hesitation. Considered excellent guards, Doberman Pinschers will be able to guard the house and protect the people living in it if necessary.

Important! Dobermans are absolutely not meant to be kept on a chain. An aviary is best suited for them.

In an aviary, a pet can be kept on a free-range basis. Ideally, if the dog will have access to the entrance to the house. In winter, if the aviary is not heated, a loyal friend and guard should be taken to the house.

Doberman Pinscher Care

Wherever the Doberman Pinscher settles, he/she needs regular and careful care, which is based on:

Bathing. It is necessary to bathe representatives of this breed no more than once every 2-3 months. If you do this more often, you can disrupt the protective functions of the skin.

Ear cleaning. Doberman ears, cropped or left in their natural form, should be wiped with cotton pads dipped in a special lotion once a week.

Clipping the claws. If the dog itself cannot grind off its claws, they are trimmed with special guillotines (most often this problem overtakes animals living in apartments).

You can feed the Doberman with both dry food and natural food. If the preference is given to “natural”, then half of the diet should consist of meat.

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