Dogue de Bordeaux: Life Span, Temperament, Weight, Height

Dogue de Bordeaux is a French breed. It belongs to the mastiffs and, given the area of ​​origin, it is often called the French mastiff. Mastiffs are the descendants of huge dogs, which the ancient authors called Molossians, as it is assumed, based on their original habitat in the ancient small state of Molossia, located in the area of ​​modern Albania.

A powerful dog with a large head and muscular body. According to its main purpose, it is a bodyguard-dog, a companion. The advantage of the breed is its calm disposition, which makes it easy to keep it in a city apartment, including with children or together with other animals. This is a truly beautiful dog with a gorgeous head, human eyes, and a meaningful look.

French Mastiff Temperament

Bordeaux Mastiff, French Mastiff, Bordeauxdog

Each Bordeauxdog has its own temperament, but all are distinguished by independence, resilience, intelligence, and ingenuity. With their extremely developed observation skills and excellent memory, it will often surprise you with complex logical constructions and the association of ideas. They are unusually versed in “theirs” and “strangers” and will never show aggression for no reason, unlike fighting dogs.

Dogue de Bordeaux is an emotional animal, but emotions are experienced by him inside (introvert), outwardly the dog is calm. It is not uncommon for the owners of Bordeaux to lose them in the apartment since the dog behaves extremely calmly at home. Adults sleep a lot at home, but what is not unimportant, the apartment is not removed from protection. You can safely go to work, leaving the Dogue de Bordeaux alone, knowing that it will behave calmly, but at the same time, it will not oversleep uninvited guests.

Bordeauxdogs are sociable, but not intrusive. While the owner of the house is at home, Bordeauxdog becomes his/her shadow, it follows him/her everywhere but does not require attention to itself. It usually lies down quietly in a corner. If the owner wants to play, French Mastiff will happily keep him/her company.

French Mastiffs are aware of their strength and do not consider it worthy to show aggression towards other dogs on the street, which are smaller than them, even if the “little ones” rush and bark. Males are most dominant. They usually don’t like the presence of other males. Females can coexist together. Bordeaux Mastiff gets along with other animals in the house. Moreover, they consider them members of their pack, do not touch them, and even protect them.

Average Lifespan of a Dogue de Bordeaux

You will no doubt be surprised: the lifespan of these dogs is only five to seven years. Of course, large breeds of dogs are not famous for longevity, but even against their background, Bordeaux mastiffs live to an insulting little. A rare dog lives up to eight years old – this is obtained only with the caring participation of enthusiastic owners.

So, you already know that Bordeaux mastiffs live only 5 – 7 years, with proper care, only a little more. However, you will be interested in knowing about the longevity record (albeit a long one), set by one of the representatives of the breed – 12 years. This means that there are hidden reserves in the breed!

Is there anything you can do about it? Alas, the breed basically lacks a healthy gene pool, dogs suffer from numerous heart problems, and only crossing with other breeds can really help.

But this automatically means that the breed will cease to exist – after all, it will be significantly diluted by “mixing” the DNA of dogs of other breeds. Accordingly, we will get qualitatively new, essentially completely different dogs. It will probably have to completely rewrite the breed standard. But there are no other ways out of the situation yet.

Dogue de Bordeaux Weight

Males are not less than 50 kg, females not less than 45 kg.

Dogue de Bordeaux Height

Males 60-68 cm, females 58-66 cm.

You can fall in love with Bordeaux only because of its human eyes and facial expression. If you decide to have a real dog – a family member that will guard you and your home, do not hesitate – the best breed is the Dogue de Bordeaux.

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