Feeding the Miniature Bull Terrier

Feeding your Miniature Bull Terrier is an extremely important issue as your dog’s health and well-being depend on it.

As a rule, Miniature Bull Terriers are not picky about their food. You can feed them with natural food or dry food.


Dry Food for Miniature Bull Terrier

If you prefer to feed your Miniature Bull Terrier dry food, choose premium or super-premium products. Also consider your pet’s age, lifestyle, and activity level. When calculating the amount of dry food for the Miniature Bull Terrier, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

The transfer of the Miniature Bull Terrier to another feed occurs gradually, and it is better not to do this unless absolutely necessary.

Feeding your Miniature Bull Terrier with Natural Food

If you choose natural foods to feed your Miniature Bull Terrier, the diet should be based on meat (lean beef). Sometimes boiled fish or poultry can be given (by removing the bones). You can give porridge (buckwheat or rice), vegetables and fruits. Once a week, you can offer a miniature bull terrier a boiled egg. Fermented milk products (low-fat cottage cheese or kefir) will not interfere.

The Miniature Bull Terrier may also need vitamins or minerals. However, it is worth consulting your veterinarian before buying them.

Miniature Bull Terrier Feeding Rules

The Miniature Bull Terrier is always fed at the same time. The bowl is washed after each meal.

Water must be available at all times. You need to change it at least 2 times a day.

You can not give a miniature bull terrier food from the table, chocolate and sweets, chips, sausages and smoked meats, fatty, fried, and salty foods, as well as any low-quality food.

Food for the Miniature Bull Terrier should be at room temperature.

How Many Times a Day to Feed a Miniature Bull Terrier (Puppy and Adult Dog)

The number of feedings for a miniature bull terrier puppy per day depends on the age of the baby.

Age of Miniature Bull Terrier puppy                          Number of feedings per day

Up to 3 months                                                              5 – 6

3 – 4 months                                                                   4 – 5

4 – 6 months                                                                   3 – 4

6 – 8 months                                                                   3

8 months and older                                                        2

Adult Miniature Bull Terriers are fed 2 times a day.

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