Miniature Bull Terrier

Having made a decision to buy a dog, the question of choosing a standard or miniature bull terrier often arises, believing that there are differences between them.

In fact, mini bull terriers are not much different from standard ones. The main difference lies in the height, usually, the height at the withers is 25-35.5 cm, while the standard height is not limited. Although the standard states that when evaluating miniature dogs, it is desirable that the height does not exceed the maximum value, at shows most often the word “desirable” is interpreted as “should not exceed” and preference is given to shorter dogs. There are no weight restrictions.

Mini bull terriers

According to a certain percentage of dog breeders, miniature bull terriers are more playful and mobile, they have more energy and they are more stubborn, they need more physical activity. However, some breeders don’t see much of a difference in temperament. It all depends on the upbringing. A well-bred dog is obedient, devoted to the owner, does not show aggression.

The physique of mini bull terriers is similar to the standard ones, but due to their compact size and relief muscle mass, when viewed from the side, they look almost square. The length of the forelegs is approximately equal to the depth of the chest. In general, they meet the requirements of the general standard.

When deciding which bull terrier to choose, you should pay attention to hereditary diseases. Miniature Bull Terriers have such a hereditary disorder as primary dislocation of the lens, leading to blindness. The standard ones are not prone to this disease, but they are more likely to have kidney disease. Despite the tendency to certain diseases, they live a couple of years longer than standard ones.

When crossing miniature and standard individuals, puppies are registered as mini bull terriers, and this is due to the fact that the disease – primary dislocation of the lens, does not spread among the standard ones.

And the last difference is cost. Mini bull terriers are more expensive than standard bull terriers.

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