How Much Does a Dutch Shepherd Cost?

Name: Dutch Shepherd
Other names: Hollandse Herder, Dutch Shepherd
Country of origin: Netherlands
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: herding dog breeds
Life span: 11 to 14 years
Temperament: gentle, alert, obedient, loyal, teachable, reliable
Height: Males: 57–62 cm; Females: 55–60 cm
Weight: Males: 29.5-30.5 kg; Females: 29.5-30.5 kg
Color: Brindle, Gray Brindle, Salt and Pepper, Gray-blue, Gold Brindle, Silver Brindle
The price of puppies: $1000 – $2500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Dutch Shepherd puppy. Average price: $1,750 USD

The Dutch Shepherd Dog, originally from the Netherlands, was originally used as a farm dog, in particular as a herding dog. Now, at home, it is experiencing a revival. Used as a companion and guard dog.

Dutch Shepherd, Hollandse Herder

Very loyal and reliable, always on the alert, alert, active, independent, persistent, intelligent, ready to obey, gifted by nature with the temperament of a real shepherd dog.

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