Pharaoh Hound: Temperament, Weight, Price, Lifespan

Name: Pharaoh Hound
Other names: Kelb tal-Fenek (in the country of origin), Pharaoh
Country of origin: Malta
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Shepherd Breeds, Greyhounds, and Pariah Dogs
Life span: 11 – 14 years
Temperament: Trainee, Sociable, Gentle, Active, Playful, Intelligent
Height: Females: 53-61 cm; Males: 55-63 cm
Weight: Females: 18-27 kg; Males: 18-27 kg
Color: chestnut, red gold, rich brown-tan, tan-brown
Price of puppies: $1,500 to $2,500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Pharaoh Hound. Average cost: $2,000 USD

Smart, friendly, and cheerful Pharaoh Hound is very tender towards its family, loyal to its owner. The dog is quick-witted, sensitive, has a well-developed sense of smell and hearing.

Needs significant daily physical activity, loves children very much, loves games, needs human attention. It will be quite difficult for her to get along in the city since there she will be practically deprived of the movements that are so necessary to maintain a good physical shape.

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