How Much Does a Kuvasz Cost?

Name: Kuvasz
Other names: Hungarian Kuvasz
Country of origin: Hungary
Size Type: Largest dog breeds
Group: Working Dog Breeds, Guard Dog Breeds
Life span: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: patient, buffoonish, protective, independent, loyal, intelligent
Height: Males: 70-76 cm; Females: 65-70 cm
Weight: Males: 45–52 kg; Females: 35–40 kg
Color: White
Price of puppies: $1,200 to $2,000 USD 
Hypoallergenic: No

Hungarian Kuvasz

The ancestry of the Hungarian Kuvasz dates back to the 13th century. According to Chinese and Tibetan sources, today’s Kuvasz is a descendant of fierce Asiatic shepherds brought to Hungary by the Turks. Outwardly and in color, the Maremma Sheepdog and the Pyrenean Dog are similar, which speaks in favor of the fact that they have a common ancestor. It is a large dog, but not ancient. The color of this breed must be white or ivory. Kuvasz is a very intelligent, loyal, and beautiful dog. This is an excellent watchdog and loyal friend who loves to communicate with children.

Kuvasz is an agile, determined, courageous, and inquisitive dog with a sharp mind. Loving, sophisticated, and polite. Ready to sacrifice itself if necessary. It is very sensitive to praise and reproaches. Always ready to protect the owner and his/her family, loyal, gentle, and patient, not stubborn. Protects children especially passionately. Polite to those it knows, but rather suspicious and very picky about strangers. An excellent watchdog, able to act at the right time without a command, at its own discretion. Brave and fearless. Able to work tirelessly and run long distances over rough terrain. Has a good instinct, so it was previously used for hunting.

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