French Bulldog: Coat Colors

Before buying a puppy, each owner thinks about the color of the future pet’s coat. In the case of French Bulldogs, the choice is not limited to 1-2 options. There are only three types of standard colors for these dogs, let alone unusual and unrecognized “colors”.

French Bulldog Colors

As already mentioned, officially these dogs can be represented only in three versions: brindle, fawn, and spotted.


One of the most popular. Dogs with such a feature of appearance take prizes at dog shows are willingly attracted by breeders to breed breeding.

The background in brindle color can be both dark and light colors. Most often, the coat is colored black, the brindle on it is red. However, it also happens the other way around.


Quite varied color. Red, light coffee shades can be attributed to fawn. The intensity of the saturation of the hairs can be completely different. Some dogs may have a dark mask on the muzzle. Small white spots are also not considered a defect, as long as they are located on the chest or neck.

A condition for a fawn color is uniformity. It also includes fawn brindle and fawn variegated. This type of color can be either dominant or recessive.


In this case, there are spots on the dog’s body, but not specks. Spotted Frenchies can be:

  • limited spotted – there are not too many white spots, a tie on the neck;
  • medium-spotted – dark and white coat is equal in the area;
  • with absorbing mottling – white dominates.

Non-standard Colors

This category includes dogs that have hair:

White. The main thing is that a dog with white hair does not turn out to be an albino. Albinism can be recognized by the light color of the eyes and the light nose.

Blue. Not recognized, but a very nice option. Blue Frenchies are in great demand. Their coat can be either light or dark, but it is always dyed in the same tone.

Black. Common, but not standard. Pure black dogs are rare. In most cases, there are white spots on the coat.

Fawn. This rare color received official recognition only in America. Puppies are born practical redheads without a mask. As they grow, the color gradually brightens.

Merle (marble). Very beautiful and unusual color. It is usually complemented by heterochromia, which makes the dog unusually attractive. Spotting is the dominant feature. The color has not yet been recognized as a standard.

There are many more options. So, brown and chocolate “Frenchies” are also referred to as “non-standard” categories. Among the varieties of the standard fawn also include red dogs.

Its further pedigree history and participation in dog shows depend on the color of the fur of the French Bulldog. The suit does not affect behavior, health, and performance. Plus, these dogs are beautiful in any color.

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