How Much Does a Mudi Dog Cost?

Name: Mudi
Other names: Hungarian Mudi, Canis Ovilis Fenyesi
Country of origin: Hungary
Size Type: Medium Breed Dogs
Group: Herding dog breeds
Life span: 13 – 14 years
Temperament: Intelligent, alert, energetic, lively, sharp, courageous
Height: Females: 38-44 cm; Males: 41-47 cm
Weight: Males: 11-13 kg; Females: 8-11 kg
Color: Ash, Black tabby, Fawn, White, Brown, Black

Price of puppies: $2000 – $2500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Mudi is a child-sized dog with the qualities of a Spitz. Wedge-shaped head, cropped ears, compact body. The upper body line has a pronounced slope towards the croup. The head and limbs are covered with short, smooth hair. In other parts of the body, the coat is longer, very wavy, even slightly curly. Color options vary.

Mudi’s weight is usually 18-29 pounds (8.2-13 kg), and the height at the withers ranges from 15 to 19 inches (38-48 cm). The coat is wavy, slightly curly; the head and limbs are covered with short hair. Available colors are black, brown, white, yellow, gray, taupe, black merle, brown merle, gray merle, and taupe merle. Tailless or bob-tailed representatives of the Mudi breed are rare from birth.

Mudi is a lively, gentle, intelligent, and agile dog. Due to its fearless nature, the Mudi is very popular with the shepherds. He loves any job and does an excellent job with the most numerous and disobedient herds and flocks. Excellent watchman, protector, guard, companion.

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