How Much Does a Plott Hound Cost?

Name: Plott Hound
Other names: Coonhound Plot, Hound Plot, Plott, Plotthund
Country of origin: Germany, USA
Size Type: Medium Breed Dogs
Group: Shepherd Dog Breed, Tracking Dogs
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Intelligent, Loyal, Alert, Bold
Height: Females: 50–58 cm; Males: 50–71 cm
Weight: Females: 18-25 kg; Males: 23-27 kg
Color: Red Brindle, Blue Brindle, Brown Brindle, Black, Black Brindle, Brown-tan Brindle
The price of puppies: $300 – $500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

A hunting dog that traditionally drives prey into a corner or into a tree. The Plott Hound is smart, alert, and reliable. With qualities such as endurance, resilience, agility, determination, and aggressiveness, the powerful, muscular Plott Hound is a combination of courage and physical strength.

The chest is deep and moderately wide, reaching down to the elbows and providing ample room for the lungs. Ribs well expressed, narrowed downwards. The back is broad, muscular, and straight. Never curved. The loin is well-muscled and slightly arched. Square body. A correctly folded Plott Hound is wider or slightly longer (proportions measured from the front of the chest to the point of the buttocks) than in height (from the withers to the ground).

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