How to Choose a Pug Puppy?

A little about how to choose the right healthy and cheerful pug puppy. One day you realized that you are ripe to accept a new member of your family in the form of a four-footed friend.

So, you’ve decided to get a dog and want to immediately start choosing a pug puppy. There are several ways to acquire a dog. You can find an advertisement on the Internet, in a newspaper, call the club, look after the parents of the future pet at exhibitions, or visit friends whose dog has recently brought offspring.

The exhibition option looks the most rational. It is even better if there is an opportunity to see older pug puppies from previous litters. But this option may be the longest since it is quite possible that the puppies of the dog you like will not be soon.

However, this path is not chosen by many. Most purchase a pug puppy through advertisements. It is better to focus on those kennels, which are easy to inquire about, to see their breeding dogs.

If you decide to purchase a pug puppy through the club, then at least you can be sure of the legality of the issued documents. In addition, they will help you to contact a veterinarian, offer a master of preparation for exhibitions and a trainer, provide information about exhibitions, etc. However, you can get all this from a knowledgeable breeder from a good kennel.

If you buy a pug puppy with a pedigree, then when you buy you will be given a puppy card. It contains the puppy’s date of birth, the names of his parents, the address of the breeder, as well as your last name, first name, patronymic, and address. The name of the puppy fits there, the details of the club are put down. The puppy card is then exchanged for a pedigree. Information from the puppy card is transferred to the pedigree, and the origin of the puppy’s parents up to the 4th generation inclusive, and the numbers of their pedigrees are indicated. The pedigree serves as a kind of “passport” of the dog throughout its life.

When examining a litter, pay attention to the following points: convenience and cleanliness of the environment, the condition of the mother and puppies. Everything should be kept clean – both the room and the animals. Some females lose weight during maternity, others do not, but most of them have a “shabby” look from below. This is to be expected. However, they should be clean, shiny, intelligent, and alert, just like the puppies. They don’t have to be fat – “fat balls” – or skinny like plucked chickens. The pug puppy should be pleasant to the touch, the coat should be clean, with no food pieces or excrement stuck to it. Otherwise, serious doubts arise about hygiene and the conduct of business in general.

Little pug puppies are all adorable, but each already has its own character. Someone is independent, and someone is affectionate and playful. Think about who would suit you better? Ask the breeder in detail. He watches the kids every day and probably knows the characteristics of each. Most people choose the puppy that they like for temperament, stubbornness, insolence, or attractiveness, and they are ready to put up with shortcomings in the exterior, coat, movements.

What to choose – a girl or a boy? The girls are softer and calmer, more obedient. They are preferred in training competitions and are usually much nicer than boys. In addition, the female s attraction to the opposite gender is limited only to periods of heat (twice a year), in contrast to the male, which is always preoccupied with this issue. But many people prefer to communicate with a man and get more joy from his more active attitude to life. Males are stronger, more independent, require a serious approach to business. Each is good in its own way, so the choice is yours.

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Written by Alice White

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